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EBusiness Interactive Ltd

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EBusiness Interactive Ltd

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What We Do ?

We provide complete web design services, from simple bespoke websites to complete e-commerce solutions with payment gateway and shopping cart integration

Because it is not enough to have a website, we provide complete digital marketing solutions to reach your audience with the services they require. This can mean Social Media campaigns, Email marketing , Display advertising and Analytics so you know how your campaigns are performing.


Who are we

EBusiness Interactive was set up in 2012 to provide professional digital marketing and web services to businesses in Mauritius. The company has successfully delivered hundreds of professional websites to both SMEs and larger corporations. Because it is not enough to have a website, we provide complete turnkey solutions in Digital Marketing to cover the full Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Email, Search Engine Marketing and Analytics to businesses in Mauritius. Our portfolio of clients testifies to the quality of our services and client support.

What our customers think ?

EBusiness has developed our professional website and support our digital marketing efforts online to our satisfaction. Their team is professional and available for advise and prompt interventions for changes and enhancements to our website and campaigns.


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